# Date Author Comment Files Changed Download snapshot
c21e6c78 over 6 years ago Sven Brauch Don't visit decorators and base classes twice Backported to 1.4 for 1.4.2 release This led to crashes because the second turn was done within the class context. CCBUG:319045 Conflicts: duchain/tests/pyduchaintest.cpp 2 zip | tar | tar.gz
e0975031 almost 7 years ago Sven Brauch Support adding watches in the debugger plugin "Notify on change" is still not supported, tough. 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
3102f505 almost 7 years ago Sven Brauch Fix an infinite loop in the pdb plugin This could happen when the data returned by the debugger didn't have the expected format, such as when the user added a watch for a variable which caused a NameError to occur. 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
8476b564 about 7 years ago Sven Brauch Manually load all imported top-contexts from disk when reloading. This prevents crashes and weird behaviour experienced recently. 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
db7e63c2 about 7 years ago Sven Brauch Update the imports cache when not doing a reparse. This fixes the "red declarations" / "unknown direct declaration" problem (yeah really, this time). I'm not sure whether it's actually related to updating the imports cache; I think it's more about all the top contexts being loaded. 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
76ce8073 about 7 years ago Sven Brauch Set version to 1.4.0. 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
49f788ab about 7 years ago Sven Brauch don't change the modification revision if no update required 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
d9f67e95 about 7 years ago Sven Brauch Fix declarations being lost across sessions Apparently, one needs to call DUChain::self()->updateContextEnvironment when not updating a context. 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
dfc7eb37 about 7 years ago Sven Brauch Remove spammy debug statements 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
4c76d857 about 7 years ago Sven Brauch Correctly build uses for declarations in some corner cases If the context opened by a node begins after that node does, which is for example the case for class declarations, then stuff that was being parsed between the node start and the start of the context was considered to be in the wrong context. Fixes 309817. BUG: 309817 3 zip | tar | tar.gz
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