# Date Author Comment Files Changed Download snapshot
0fcfaeed over 3 years ago Varun Joshi Fixed external plugins and tests 1. Added sensible tests for TagLibWriter 2. Added tests for external plugins 3. Removed external plugins so that they can be installed by another package 21 zip | tar | tar.gz
dbe123ec over 3 years ago Varun Joshi [KFileMetaData] Added support for external writer plugins 1. Added an ExternalWriter Class that helps load plugins 2. Modify ExtractorCollection to include external writers 2. Added a pdfwriter that is written in Python. 8 zip | tar | tar.gz
8941ccc5 almost 4 years ago Varun Joshi [KFileMetaData] Added writer plugin support 1. Added the Writer class similar to the Extractor class 2. Added the WriteData class that works like an ExtractionResult 3. Added WriterPlugin and WriterCollection that work similar to ExtractorPlugin and ExtractorCollection 4. Added a sample TagLibWriter class REVIEW: 127178 17 zip | tar | tar.gz
78ad8308 almost 4 years ago Varun Joshi Add external extractor plugin support 1. Add the ExternalExtractor class that wrap the external extractor process into the standard Extractor interface 2. Modify ExtractorCollection to enable it to support ExternalExtractors 3. Added an example PyPDF2 extractor plugin 15 zip | tar | tar.gz
905bf987 almost 4 years ago Kai Uwe Broulik [KFileMetadata] Support Origin Email subject/sender/id This adds support for the user.xdg.origin.email.subject, user.xdg.origin.email.sender, and user.xdg.origin.email.message-id xattrs to KFileMetadata. This can (should!) be populated by email applications when you save an attachment. CHANGELOG: KFileMetadata can now query and store information about the original email a saved file may have been an attachment of REVIEW: 127023 4 zip | tar | tar.gz
30cea25a almost 4 years ago l10n daemon script Upgrade KF5 version to 5.20.0. 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
a12ba8d0 almost 4 years ago l10n daemon script Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.19.0 release. 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
2cb8857d almost 4 years ago Aleix Pol Let KDE*CompilerSettings change the policies in the project As suggested in ECM documentation. 1 zip | tar | tar.gz
3e865649 almost 4 years ago Kai Uwe Broulik Allow querying for a file's origin URL The "user.xdg.origin.url" attribute is set for example by Chrome and newer versions of WGET and indicates the original URL this file was downloaded from. REVIEW: 126595 4 zip | tar | tar.gz
27427ffe almost 4 years ago Andrey Cygankov Fix all Clazy warnings in KFileMetadata. Fixed all Clazy warnings in KFileMetadata. REVIEW: 126736 8 zip | tar | tar.gz
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